Unpublished Ty Segall Manipulator Tour Photos (2014)

Ok, so before we look at all of these photos I unearthed on a forgotten hard drive, you must know how sentimental they are to me! I would consider this the first *rock* show I ever photographed. It was one of the first shows I saw after I went to college. Plus! It was my first time seeing Ty, who now, I have literally seen countless times and have even crossed state lines for.

Here is an Instagram post I made back in May before seeing him at One Eyed Jacks in support of his latest self-titled album. I used one of the few photos I had ever shared from this night.

Can you tell I was in my feels? I was emotional all day and during and after this show.
So good. So important to me. So FUN.

I have a collection of unorganized hard drives and USBs. The worst is my hard drives that are formatted for Mac computers... which I don't have. This is how I found this forgotten folder of Ty photos- organizing files on a Mac in my school's lab.

These pictures are wonderfully shitty and terribly shot on an old point and shoot. They are not formal, dirty and very... very sweaty.

I love it. Check it out...

I seriously just remember hopping around and being thrown around One Eyed Jacks in a sea of people the whole night. That might be every Ty show?. My shirt was 3x the size when I left.

^This one might be my favorite^.

Also love that I have good friends pictured in photos from this night who I didn't know at all at the time.


ty (1 of 1)-26.jpg

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