Unpublished Ty Segall Manipulator Tour Photos (2014)

Ok, so before we look at all of these photos I unearthed on a forgotten hard drive, you must know how sentimental they are to me! I would consider this the first *rock* show I ever photographed. It was one of the first shows I saw after I went to college. Plus! It was my first time seeing Ty, who now, I have literally seen countless times and have even crossed state lines for.

Here is an Instagram post I made back in May before seeing him at One Eyed Jacks in support of his latest self-titled album. I used one of the few photos I had ever shared from this night.

Can you tell I was in my feels? I was emotional all day and during and after this show.
So good. So important to me. So FUN.

I have a collection of unorganized hard drives and USBs. The worst is my hard drives that are formatted for Mac computers... which I don't have. This is how I found this forgotten folder of Ty photos- organizing files on a Mac in my school's lab.

These pictures are wonderfully shitty and terribly shot on an old point and shoot. They are not formal, dirty and very... very sweaty.

I love it. Check it out...

I seriously just remember hopping around and being thrown around One Eyed Jacks in a sea of people the whole night. That might be every Ty show?. My shirt was 3x the size when I left.

^This one might be my favorite^.

Also love that I have good friends pictured in photos from this night who I didn't know at all at the time.


ty (1 of 1)-26.jpg

Thanks for always lookin' at my blog!

Loudness War Record Release Party with Hydra Plane

So proud of my friends and boyfriend in Loudness War. LW released their 3rd album The Miser this past month with Transylvania Music Company. It was their first time recording with someone besides themselves and first time getting something pressed on vinyl! To celebrate the release, we threw a record release party at The Parlor and decorated the place to match the cover. Other BR darlings, Hydra Plane, opened the show. Night of psych, fusion and heavy fuzz. It was fun. When you get the chance, check out these two bands around town. See photos from the Record Release Party below....

 Click the album cover to listen to The Miser on Bandcamp.

Click the album cover to listen to The Miser on Bandcamp.

 Hydra Plane

Hydra Plane

The Parlor was so great for being down to let us go in there and decorate it. We had 2 cars almost completely filled with any greenery we could get our hands on. Turned out sick.

 Loudness War

Loudness War

Honestly, it's been a blast photographing them for this long and to see them release yet another collection of music. It's admirable how much they just keep going. You'd be crazy to think they're not sitting on so much more.

One of the best parts are the crowds full of friends and strangers who keep coming back and learn the words. Don't stop showing up.

Keep supporting local music. Buy yourself a drink. Have a good day.