LIVE: Casual Burn @ Siberia 2.7.16

I caught Casual Burn opening for The Coathangers at Siberia last week. You can read my review of that show for KLSU riiiiiight here.

This was my second time seeing Casual Burn! I was pretty stoked too see them live again. The first time I saw this band... I think my jaw was on the floor the whole time while simultaneously dancing sporadically and just being really excited that they were that bad ass and that I was witnessing it. I have since featured them on More Than Noise a few times during our local spotlight we do at midnight.

Pretty sick tattoos. Had to get this shot.

Ok, but if you can't already tell, she has wild energy! It is perfect for the music Casual Burn makes and it is so precious for the live show experience. This is by far my favorite show I've photographed yet this year.

You can follow Casual Burn online and find their debut Talk Bad on their bandcamp page.